Youth Cake Sale

The youth held a cake sale in Sunday 16 February to raise funds for the youth,so we are able to buy biblical games as well as do activities .

Who made what?-
Cakes – Vanessa (Alex and Alison) as well as Vani Hamilton
Muffins: Langie
Biscuits: Sihle and Sindi
Chicken pie: Chadleigh and Arlanzo
Sweets: Andile and Sanele

The rest of the youth was apart of the cake sale as they helped with selling the things.

We hope to have many more fundraisers as we would like to make more money for the youth so that we as a youth are able to have outings(spiritual and recreational) at least once a year.

We have also learned to advertise better for our fundraisers as not a lot of people were aware of it.

It was an eventful day and we all hope that we would be even more. A huge thank you to the people who supported our fundraising initiative.

See the pictures of cakes, muffins, chocolates, biscuits, pies and sweets sold.

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