A Tribute to our beloved sister Busi Mlotshwa RIP

A Tribute to our beloved sister Busi Mlotshwa RIP – 17 December 2013

Busi Mlotshwa

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away;

blessed be the name of the Lord. (Job 1:21)

Go well thou good and faithful servant Busi, Mother to Thando, sister to Doreen, Mandla and Zama and daughter of Alpheus. You served God and His people as a Parish Councillor, Reader and Sidesperson within the Parish. Your wisdom, understanding and insights during Parish Council meetings led you to be the organiser of the Parish Planning workshop. You shared your time and talent  with us  as you led the Parish Planning Workshop on 18 August 2013. The Sukuma caps that you designed  for that workshop will be a constant reminder to me of your greatness.

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You had difficult times in your life that you bore bravely and taught us how to be true to our values. Your love for your daughter shone through each time you shared a story of her with me even when you were having normal mother-daughter disagreements.

Busi, in you I saw both a Mary and a Martha person (Luke 10:38), willing to sit at Jesus feet and also ready to get your hands dirty with the things of God that matter.

May you rest in peace Busi and Rise in Glory. Amen.

Lord Christ, you spoke words of comfort to your friends Martha and Mary in their hour of sorrow. Give consolation and courage to those who mourn today, and may they find their peace and hope in you, the Resurrection and the Life, for your tender mercies’ sake.
Amen (APB 1989:556)

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