Annual Admission service in Ladysmith, Saturday 12 September

A few of our Mothers Union members attended the Annual Admission service in Ladysmith on Saturday 12 September.
Pinkie Nkomonde shares her story with us today.

Christ rules our Hearts!  Sihambe kahle. What a service.! We are happy to have been part today as we are called to be trees that bear fruit and not logs which are dead. We must have roots to give fruit at the end. For those who listen to His word the will like a man who builds a house on firm ground. Only Christ was the creator of te church of God. If we do His word, we will be part of His Kingdom. Therefore we h a ve to work hard to attain this by reading the word and really listen. Our presence  must always reflect Him.

I am sure we all had messages from God speak to us.


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