Making a Difference Campaign

Dear sisters and brothers

I wish to thank you very much for your continued support of youth ministry at all levels, that is in parishes, regionally and at diocesan level.

We will remember that The Youth Fest which took place on the 14th June was a platform amongst other things for launching the “Making a Difference Campaigns” (see attached pamphlet which was distributed at the festival). By the campaign young people envisaged to demonstrate their commitment to God’s mission. As DYC we acknowledge your critical role if the youth ministry is to move forward. We view the clergy as our partners in this ministry who we ought to work with, draw strength from and always turn to for guidance and advice. Hence this email to humbly request that a follow up on young people with regards to “Making a Difference Campaign” in parishes and regions is done.

Should you seek any clarity on the contents of this email, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Revd. Lovington Nyoni
Youth Co-ordinator

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